A Very Sad News

Last time, I read over the newspaper that a husband was killed by hired men here in Bacolod City. And after police investigation, it was learned that the primary suspect as the mastermind of his death was his wife.

It turns out that the husband has an affair. I am not sure how bad the affair was and its complications because I believe that no woman would reach the point of wanting to have her husband killed for the reason of adultery. Most Filipina wives would rather endure their husband’s philandering, if only for the hope that someday they will change and come back to them. But this was a big case that warranted a lot of media attention.

This family is involved in forex currency trading and they already have so many assets. The issue may have been because of their investments because of the story that it was the wife who has really built their business to make one of the biggest forex traders in the city.

I dunno the real story. I am just saddened that the husband got killed and the wife was imprisoned because of it. I mean, it could be someone else who got the husband killed and not the wife. But what is sad is that this family was broken. That is the saddest part.

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