Aircon Repairs

Our trusty chrome yellow Hyundai Getz that we fondly call Bumblebee after the yellow robot of the Transformers needs some repairs. The car air conditioning system has given up on us.

Several months ago, we started noticing that the air con is no longer that cool so we had the system checked. The car aircon specialist that we went to suspected that there are two areas leaking. He sealed one but left the other because it would entail a lot of work. We paid more than P2,000 for it. But he said that there seems to be another leak coming from a part that had to be detached because the screw could no longer be unscrewed. So that means two parts will have to be replaced.

We had already asked for quotation from two specialists and in both instances, the quote is between P10,000 to P11,000 for the parts and service. Whaaat? And that is why up until now, our car does not have air conditioning and we are sweating hard inside especially if we go out during the day. There are just other things to pay for and so the car air con will just have to wait. We had also been thinking of getting garage floor epoxy but that will have to wait as well.

For now, we are just enjoying the mileage that our fuel gives us because we are forced not to use the air con no matter how hot the weather is. hahaha

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