AMAIA Scapes North Point: Value for Money

Amaia Scapes North Point

is value for money

Amaia Scapes North Point in Talisay - Bacolod real estate
Amaia Scapes North Point in Talisay.

Value for money.

I learned that term many years back and ever since, I have used it as a guide in my decisions to buy or canvass for what I want to buy. And as I visited Amaia Scapes North Point, in Talisay, Negros Occidental, Philippines, that is exactly what I can tell about the properties in that community. Metro Bacolod real estate is really booming.

Amaia Scapes North Point - Bacolod real estate
The Twin Pod and the Bungalow Pod, a couple of the model houses at the model block.

Features of Amaia Scapes

Here are some of the features that I like about Amaia that you might want to consider when building your home. Of course, there are others, but these one top my list.

Shuttle service. The community is quite a considerable distance from the main highway of Talisay. So to make it convenient for homeowners who do not own cars, the village is providing a shuttle service that goes back and forth every 30 minutes from Amaia to The District North Point (Ayala Mall), which is located along the highway. It mainly stays at the club house but also has pick up points along the way. The fare is very minimal, just like riding a jeep, but with air conditioning.

Amaia Scapes North Point
I am imagining this as one of our girls’ rooms. 😀 So quaint.

Opportunities to earn. Earning a living within the community is encouraged with their unit called the carriage pod. You can build your businesses there that are specified by the management in order to help the community. If your planned business is not in the list, you can just submit a proposal for approval. I like it because it is more than just a neighborhood but a community where residents are interdependent with each other.

Customization. The option of customizing your unit is intentionally presented. You have the choice of getting one or two units and you are shown how you can re-do it to suit your needs.

Quality. Amaia houses do not use ready-made hollow blocks. They make their own concrete blocks, which make their houses very durable to the elements.

Amaia Scapes North Point
An ongoing construction of a unit at Amaia Scapes. From this perspective, the walls really look sturdy.

Safety. Each Amaia community is designed with guarded entrance and exits, a perimeter fence, and tree-lined spine road.

At Amaia Scapes, you get a nice, comfortable home in a secure community but at a price that a regular Juan can afford.

Amaia Scapes North Point
The pool at the club house.

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About Amaia Scapes

Amaia Scapes North Point is the economic residential Brand of Ayala Land Inc. It caters to the broad affordable market segment, with a development that is anchored on five pillars – location, features and amenities, quality, buying experience, and living experiece. It is located at Brgy. Zone 15, Talisay, Negros Occidental, Philippines. It is about a 15- minute ride to the Bacolod-Silay Airport and several kilometers from the highway. But our wifi signal there was pretty good.

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