An Educational Toy

I wanted to buy a Leapfrog Learning Tablet for Dindin but because of the price, Dennis thought that it would be best to just buy an iPad if we already have enough money. Here at the Toys R Us Bacolod, the unit costs P8,000. In the US, the kit costs around $130. But it still is a lot of money for a toy.

You see, I actually had been thinking of buying any of those cheap tablet laptops when Dindin will start school so that I can work while waiting for her to dismissal time.

But now, we are thinking of delaying her schooling and then just spending the money on a gadget that she can use to learn new things. That is why we are now thinking of an iPad. Hopefully, we can afford it in a few months. If not, then maybe it can wait until Christmas. Then it will be our Christmas gift for her.

For now, my daughter can just borrow her Papa’s phone in the meantime. I will also soon get a new Samsung Galaxy Y so Dindin can also play with it. It is a free phone from Smart.

Well, I guess indeed some things in life are free.

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