Apartment Living

“Your home is your own and you can run it the way you want to.”

Thus, I believe. I have friends who live in apartments and it has worked well for them. There are pretty good spaces for rent anywhere and everywhere in city and you can choose the vicinity based on your preferences and also the proximity to your workplace.

But I never really lived in an apartment my whole life. I just think, the money I will be paying as rent for an apartment, I would rather just spend it on monthly amortization even for just a small house. At least, after several years, the house would be mine. No offense to those who live in apartments, that is my choice. And well, I have not really been faced with a situation where I have to choose to live in one, that’s why.

Anyhow, my husband has his parents’ home and my parents have their own home with a spacious lot that I can still build another house there and it would not be crowded yet. I just think it is impractical for us to buy another house. Besides, we cannot afford it yet.

So for now, we are happy where we are. But that doesn’t stop us from hoping of having our own home someday. After all, dreams and hopes are free.

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