April Starts Savings Month

I am pregnant. Photo from the internet.

I have told hubby that starting April, it will be our savings month. We will intentionally cut down on our expenses and intentionally start saving up for our second baby.

And yes, this is no April Fools’ Day joke–I am indeed with child, going 19 weeks this Wednesday. This was not expected so we were not really able to set aside a budget for delivery expenses. Additionally, January and February were payments for purchases made last Christmas and then when March came, it was Dindin’s birthday. Even if it was a simple party, we did shell out some money for the celebration as well as her gifts.

So I said that starting this month, we will start scrimping. We will just cut down on unnecessary food expenses that is usually started by my cravings.

This move is also to cover up additional expenses like Dindin’s summer classes in ballet and swimming. Plus, she will be starting school in June.

Well, there are so many things to think about. All I know is that we will keep our expenses to a minimum starting this month. But still, thank you Lord for this blessing for a new child! 😀

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