Ashley Hebert is a Cry Baby?

Okay, so who is Ashley Hebert? It is the sexy lady pictured above. Actually, she has far sexier photos but I just chose these rather “tamed” ones. She is the latest The Bachelorette star who is reportedly happily engaged now to the winner of the show but this will not be revealed until the August 1 airing of the season finale.

Ashley is reportedly sporting a Neil Lane diamond ring already.

This lady who is a “dentist who loves to dance” had cried so many times during the show because so many things have happened on the set–she had a sitting session with the guys where poor Ashley was roasted to her face with cruel jokes from the participants, was ridiculed badly behind her back by the guys whom I think are like gossiping gays, and was victimized by a contestant who joined the show in order to gain popularity and to break her heart. Additionally, two men walked out on her during the show.

I am not sure if this was all scripted because Ashley is now saying that everything was all worth it. Or she is just in love with the guy that we will know today. Oh well, I just think that this show is ridiculous. Why would you find someone whom you will spend the rest of your life with in a reality show? Is there a shortage of good people that you could just find everyday? Or is it just people’s shot at fame? hmmmm….

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