At the Mall with Plastic Model Cars

The pink Audi plastic model car available at Toy Kingdom.

The other Sunday, we brought our daughter Dindin to the mall to have her pictures taken at the photo studio. We did not have decent solo photos of her during her birthday party, so we decided to take her to the mallfor a photo session.

While we waited for the photos to be done, which was just about 30 minutes, we decided to go to the Toy Kingdom at SM so that we can look at the merchandise and Dindin can play with their displays. Yeah, they allow that.

She got interested with the plastic model cars on display. At first, she went to that Wrangler jeep behind and peek inside, probably thinking how she could get inside. Then the boy who was riding a bike saw Dindin there so he left his bike and hurriedly went inside the car. LOL Kids!

Dindin was about to cry when I diverted her attention to this pink Audi. It’s so pretty! I told her that since she is a girl, the pink car is perfect for her. She happily agreed, as she may not have seen it earlier.

So just look at our baby fairy riding a pink Audi? Isn’t that magical? LOL I do wish that we can buy it for her but these plastic model cars are really expensive. If I remember right, this one costs about P10,000! And it will take up too much space in the house. We are just glad that she can play with them right here at Toy Kingdom.

7 thoughts on “At the Mall with Plastic Model Cars

  1. My kids would always insist on going to Toy Kingdom whenever they have a chance. They also used to ride those model cars that are on display; now that they’re older, they into collecting hotwheels and transformers =)
    Belated happy birthday to Dindin !

  2. These cars are indeed cute but most kids can’t really afford them. There are motorcycle toys that cost less which kids will also like.

  3. can they really drive it? nice nice… but so pricey! hehe… it would be cool if Dindin would be driving it… hihi…

  4. oh, I also love the car..o talaga? pwede?..cge pasakayin ko din si iris yan next time..hahaha..
    so girly..pero gosh! isang sahod ko na yan mommy!!!! hindi kaya ng powers ko yan..makisakay na lang kmi..

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