Attending a Couples Hollywood Christmas Party in Church

With our friends, Edward and Bella from the Twilight series.

The other night, we attended a couples Christmas party in church with the theme Hollywood couples. We did not want to attend at first because of the theme because it requires dressing up. And I am not really up to it. I can cite 101 reasons why.

But anyway, because of our friends Bella Swan and Edward Cullen (pictured above), we went.

So why are we dressed like that? Last Sunday, we were watching Avengers and saw a part where Tony Stark and Pepper Potts were dressed casually at home. Then we thought, okay, we can go as Tony and Pepper in their house clothes. Hubby even prepared a “chest reactor” similar to what Iron Man has in his heart.

But when he was asked by the host who he was, he mumbled something about a cross between Superman and Iron Man because he was wearing a Superman shirt,  so I was left with no choice but to be Lois Lane (never have been a fan of hers).

Oh well, whatever. I am just glad that we had a whole two hours without being Mama and Papa–just the two of us. 😀 Sometimes, we also need breaks like these. Thank to Mama for babysitting that night. teehee

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