Attending Parenting Seminars

Dennis and I will be attending a couple of parenting seminars that will encompass the second week of September.

We are at a point of frustration and desperation in parenting Dindin because she is now almost 2 and a half years old and there are so many things changing in her. She is maturing very fast and there are times that we cannot really cope with the changes. Especially me. I spend more time with her than anyone else but sometimes, even Dennis says that I do not know how to see if Dindin is just manipulating me or not. And it is true.

I guess that is because I am also busy with work. While I am just here in the bedroom, my mind and eyes are all glued to the computer because of the tasks that I need to finish that sometimes I neglect my time with Dindin.

Additionally, she is also too smart for her age that I sometimes forget that she is still a toddler. She may be advanced mentally but there emotional things that she cannot handle just yet.

is really experimental. I have been reading about what I could do in order to deal with her. But I know that one thing is to spend more time with her. She needs me now as a mother at this time when she is growing fast and learning new things.

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