Baby Bath Time

Giving our baby a bath is a really stressful time. I think much of the poundage that I lost is during the work that I get during her bath time. hehe

We are not sure what ticks her off, as the temperature is just enough, we give her a bath in room that is not windy, and we sure do it as quickly as possible. And of course, we follow the tricks told to us and in the books. But it seems bath time is a horrible time for her. She would continue to bawl and bawl until she is finally wrapped in her towel.

We tried feeding her before the bath, but she would sleep right after that we would end up not taking a bath at all. Or if we don’t feed her, she would cry until her skin turns dark. And this happens even if we don’t give her full feeding.

My father in law says that she is like a goat who hates to take a bath. 😀 And this is really ironical because when I was pregnant, I kept taking a bath, like up to five times a day. tsk tsk

She is almost 4 weeks now so any tips that you can share with us new parents will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all! 😀

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