Baby’s milestones, Mommy’s smilestones

I have not updated you yet about my baby’s milestones. Well, she will be 4 months old tomorrow, Saturday, July 11, 2009.

Here are what she can do now:

-She is already very bubbly. She squeals with delight. She already enjoys bathing (as opposed to when she was just weeks old).

-She answers when talked to.

-She calls “Mama” when she is crying or when she needs something, even though somebody else is caring for her.

-She can sometimes answer yes or no, depending on the question. I know that this may be just coincidence, but she did that more than 20 times already during the last month.

-She can adroitly roll over. She started rolling over from a flat surface last July 1, but her hand would get stuck. By July 3, she already knows how to maneuver her hand and before you can count 1, she is already on her stomach, holding her head and chest up while being supported by her two hands.

Yesterday, we went to the doctor for her second dose of hexavac–a 6-in-1 immunization in 3 doses. It includes protection for DPT, polio, hepatitis B, and meningitis. She cried when the needle and medicine went in. When it was taken out, she went back to playing with her rattle.

As for me, I am no longer breastfeeding. I still take the malunggay capsules though, and it has been good for my health, but not exactly for my breastmilk. My baby’s feeding is around 24-30 oz a day. She drinks NAN one HW (hypoallergenic), because of my history of allergies.

As for my husband and myself, well, we are always tired because of working and taking care of the baby. Tomorrow he is facilitating the launching of the cell group among the students. On Sunday, he is tasked to preach.

We have a hectic schedule.

But last week, we did get to unwind at my parents’ house. It was our daughter’s first swimming in a big tub. hehe Here is a picture.


2 thoughts on “Baby’s milestones, Mommy’s smilestones

  1. Wow! It must be pretty exciting for you having to discover this milestones. There would be plenty pa. So I guess prepare the camera!

  2. hi mommy! thanks for dropping by. yeah, i have so many pictures na gid. kulang lang time to do the layout. dali ko na lang mapuno ang 100page album niya. hehe

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