Back to Reality

In a couple of hours to be exact, my husband and I will be back from our weekend vacation with Dindin. We really did not go anywhere, but we were given the chance to stay here in O Hotel also in Bacolod City. Actually, it is just across the street from our Mother Church. hehe But of course, we did not tell to many people where we are.

We are just so thankful for this opportunity to experience this and also for the rest. Oh my goodness! I realized last night how much we needed the rest. Our bodies are more relaxed and we are more refreshed because of the rest. We are in a lighter mood and I haven’t been cranky in two days.

I guess even if we say that we want to just work and work, we will get to the point that we have to rest because we might not get sick physically but our hearts, spirits, and psyche may already be sagging. And we turn out haphazard work or we vent out our frustrations to our kids and spouses and that is just not fair.

This is probably why God created the Sabbath Day. It is not really for God to rest but for us to rest so that our bodies will be rejuvenated. Studies have shown that stress is the precursor to many illnesses. So that is why we need to rest.

On our way home, we will just pass by a bookstore because we need to replenish some office supply. We need more boards and laminating films. Alright, see around guys! 😀

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