Barbecue with Friends

Today is a Saturday, but we do not really have plans of going out. We are so tired from last night’s jaunt at Kaely’s birthday that we ended up sleeping late.

But you know what? One of the things that I miss is spending time with good friends over good food. The picture above was taken last November when we had a barbecue party at my parents’ house with two other couples. Our kids played at my parents’ expansive yard while we had a good time talking and partaking of the sumptuous food. My father barbecued pork and hotdogs on our outdoor grill while my mother prepared macaroni salad and arroz ala valenciana. My friend Daphne brought pasta while Mimi had fruits. I forgot what I brought. haha I think I had sandwiches, chips and salsa. I am not sure.

But just the same, we all had a good time, sharing stories, and just filling our tummies. The kids had a fun time blowing and running after bubbles. I wonder when we can do this again? The summer season has ended and it is quite difficult to schedule an afternoon outing. Oh well, I guess we can still do the barbecue thing indoors now that my mother has a new electric grill courtesy of my brother. She just bought a step down transformer for it so that she can already use it. Hmmm…I wonder when she will invite us to use it? haha

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