Barbie: Fairy Secret

Barbie Fairy Secret video
We are now watching the Barbie Fairy Secret video. Dindin really likes it and she calls it “Music Barbie”. haha She has some strange associations with her toys and videos.

Dindin likes the songs and the music there while I like the fact that fairies exist there so that means there is magic and fairyland! haha I am such a child! Sorry I can’t help myself. teehee And well, I love the fashion there. I’m such a fashionista–I mean fashionista stylist like Carrie and Taylor. They are the fairies in the video who work as stylists for Barbie. Such a dream!

Anyway, special thanks to Lolo Tito Nene for Dindin’s Barbie Fairy Secret Doll. She loves it very much! She sometimes even sleeps with it.
Barbie Fairy Secret Transforming Doll

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