Bath Time = Me Time

During the early years of our marriage, my bath time is my ME TIME. No, I don’t stay very long in the shower. Usually, it only takes me about 7 minutes to take my bath. But that is already enough to give me some time and space to myself. Plus the gentle pressure of the hot water of the shower soothes me like a massager. And when you go out smelling nice and cool…ahhh…I am so refreshed and ready to take on the day’s tasks after a bath.

But lately, I had been so harassed that even my very short bath time has gotten even shorter. While I am taking a bath, Dindin would either open the door or bawl in the room or something would just fall on the floor that I have to hurry and finish bathing to see what happened. It is really disheartening. And I felt like I haven’t had any “Me Time” lately. It seems that everything and everyone wants a piece of me and I am so tired already.

But thankfully, yesterday, I was able to have some Me Time. Monday was already our last day at OHotel. For the past two days, it was Dindin who enjoyed her bubble time in the bath tub. On the first day, it was Mama who was with her and the second day it was Papa. But yesterday, we had about an hour before checkout so I took a bath. Instead of just taking a shower, I decided to lie down on the tub and let the hot water and the bubbles envelope my whole body while the steam filled the shower room. I felt really good and relaxed. All in all, my perfumed bath took only about 15 minutes, but that was enough to really refresh me. Afterwards, for the first time in years, I dried my hair with the hotel dryer. I don’t usually do it because it takes so much time. And besides, with my short hair, it will just dry up easily by itself. When my hair was almost dry, I stopped and applied perfumed lotion on my arms and legs. Then lastly, I generously sprayed with Victoria’s Secret Body Rush that my uncle gave me. I felt good and I smelled good. Ahhhh….I should do this more often…if only I have the time…

P.S. By the way, the photo above is during Dindin’s bubble time. My bubble time was censored. hehe

5 thoughts on “Bath Time = Me Time

  1. so true… Bath time gives me that refreshed feeling too… I once asked hubby what is it in a soaking in the tub that invigorates me… Then i figured out the answer… It’s the ME time that really revives us – icing on the cake nalang ang ka ek-ekan sa ligo 😀 do it more often!

    1. haha we don’t have a tub and i certainly couldn’t fit in the wash basin! but even if it is just in the shower, i guess it is the fact that you spent time for yourself–uninterrupted. sometimes all i ask is 5 minutes and i couldn’t even have it.

  2. bonggang me time yan..
    you deserve it mommy..
    Super late visiting from Mom ME time #2 (May 29, 2011)
    My Mom ME Time

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