BDO Foundation and Huawei: Empowering Education and Financial Literacy

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BDO Foundation and Huawei Philippines teamed up for a shared mission—to champion educational initiatives. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) wing of BDO Unibank, and the global leader in information and communications technology infrastructure and smart devices, recently collaborated to implement programs geared towards advancing financial literacy. Read more about how this effort is empowering education and financial literacy.

Empowering Education in the Philippine National Police

As they partnered, they co-funded the creation of financial literacy videos for the Philippine National Police. These videos are a crucial component of an ongoing financial education program specifically designed for the police. The ultimate goal is to improve the economic well-being of police personnel. This will further their endeavor to foster a financially empowered community.

Advancing Early Numeracy in Grade One Education

Additionally, the partners will finance the development of a new set of curriculum-based videos centered on early numeracy. These videos are tailored to augment the teaching of Mathematics and Science to Grade One pupils, aiming to enhance the foundational skills of young learners.

A Shared Commitment to Education and Empowerment

This collaboration signifies a joint commitment to support basic education and contribute to the Philippine government’s initiatives aimed at empowering educators and learners. By focusing on financial literacy and early numeracy, BDO Foundation and Huawei Philippines are taking concrete steps towards creating a more financially savvy and academically proficient society.

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By joining forces once again, BDO Foundation and Huawei Philippines are poised to make a lasting impact on education, financial literacy, and the overall well-being of the Filipino community.

About BDO Foundation

Established in 2008, BDO Foundation is dedicated to nation-building by addressing the needs of underserved sectors in society. Through various advocacies such as disaster response and financial inclusion, the foundation has been instrumental in mounting relief operations, constructing school buildings, and implementing financial education programs across the country. Recognized for its corporate citizenship initiatives, BDO Foundation has received accolades from prestigious award-giving bodies.

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  1. Awesome congratulations 👏 salute keep it up malaking tulong ito para sa education Ng Pilipinas maraming matutulungan at mabibigyan Ng pag kakataon na makapag aral Ang mga kabataan o Yung mga gusto ulit mag balik aral

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