Being Proud of Your Spouse

Rapper and SVU star Ice-T with wife Coco Austin. Photo from the internet.

Coco Austin and Ice-T, stars of the reality show Ice Loves Coco, may not be epitome of an ideal couple for some people because of the wife’s reputation, but who are we to say about their marriage?

You see, the couple has been married for almost 12 years already and despite the recent shaking brought about the rather distasteful photos of Coco with rapper AP, Coco and Ice are still very much together and quite obviously in love. Ice is really proud of Coco and whatever she has accomplished. You can easily detect her pride and admiration for his wife during his interviews. Coco has recently starred in the Vegas show, Peep Show. If you ask me if I agree with the wife’s appearance in a rather risque show, of course, I will not. But that’s beside the point.

So you see, marriage can’t be based on appearances or even one’s work for that matter. They have made their marriage work so for me it is something noteworthy already. After all, this blog is about marriage and not about judging what people do for a living.

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