Big Pink Eco Bag

My sister-in-law Debby gave me this pink canvas eco-bag a couple of years ago. I really love this. This is made by designer Anya Hindmarch London as part of her campaign against plastic bags. But aside from being environment-friendly, her bag is uber fashionable.

I have used this many times already, but it was really used pretty well when I gave birth to Dindin. This was kinda my hospital bag, which contained some of my personal belonggins. Last time when I went to SM, I bought some small stuff and instead of asking for a plastic bag, I asked the bagger to put my stuff in this bag.

Indeed, like what Anya Hindmarch said, “We are what we do.”


16 thoughts on “Big Pink Eco Bag

  1. uber fashionable, i agree. i also abhor plastic bags, but i think, there should be a strict drive so that people can all be aware.

  2. Nice color! i so love it. Pwede pang SM pero hindi pwede pang palengke na lagyan ko ng karne at isda. Kawawa naman si bag.

  3. Eco bags are really trending…i love it!
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  4. too pretty, i wouldn’t use it for groceries, i would use it personally for strolling in the mall or somewhere people can see my pink bag if i had one like that.

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  5. that’s a beautiful bag, i agree fashionable one that you can use also as a everyday bag! love it! wishing you a great weekend! -PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…

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