Billionaire Marries Fifth Bride at 94

The billionaire, Karl Wlaschek, with his new wife, Friederike ‘Ricki’ Schenk.

A billionaire tycoon from Austria named Karl Wlaschek, 94, is set to marry his fifth wife soon (though some are saying that they are already married). His fiancee, Friederike ‘Ricki’ Schenk, will not reveal her age but she is definitely much younger, but not so young either. She is probably in her 60s right now.

Wlaschek has a $4.7 billion retail store empire named, Billa, a supermarket chain in Europe. He made the announcement about his engagement at one of his properties, which is a sprawling five-star hotel where he used to play as a young jazz pianist.

It is not uncommon for the ultra wealthy to be in multiple marriages, so Wlaschek and Schenk are not the first. The couple met at an event in Vienna several years ago and the two since it off when they knew that their last spouses died on the same day.

The groom already has four kids but if given the chance, he said that he would like more. teehee Well, who can say that love and romance doesn’t happen at this age? It’s all in the mind.

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