I have shared awhile back that hubby and I have encountered financial setbacks since early this year. But we are still thankful because family have helped us with financial help and also there were people who gave us gifts–things that we would not have otherwise afforded for Baby Din, because either they were too expensive or because we know that they are more in the “wants” category than in the “needs” column.

Also recently, I have struggled in my spiritual life because I had been worrying. Until last week, I consciously repented of worrying. I considered worrying as sin because the sentence “Do not worry” is actually a direct command from Jesus.

Little by little my emotional turmoil eased. Then one after the other, blessings flowed from heaven. I already asked my mother in law if I can borrow money from her by the end of the month because my checking account might be below balance and may incur corresponding charges. But I don’t have to borrow from her anymore. I have closed a deal and I have my share in the earnings. Also, a website that I had been a member last year paid me, even if I thought they would never pay anymore because they had frozen the payments since last year. And I already encashed my paypal earnings at a high rate than the currency had been going these past weeks.

I am so thankful. Indeed, God was teaching me a lesson about not worrying. Although we often say “Don’t worry,” how many of us really live this out?

The next step now is to allocate the money that we will be receiving to pay off debts. Yes, we are still in debt. But I know that with God’s grace, we will be able to pay everything and still have more than enough left to share to others.

Take care all! 😀

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  1. hello mommy! i guess we all had our fair share of trials and testing this day. i too am guilty of worrying and even others but i thank God that He has been so gracious and that he shows that he answers prayers through circumstances.

    i am still in debt but i thank God that out of my four credit cards, i was released from one just last week. so i am praying more for wisdom on how to overcome our struggles. anyway, God is always good!

    by the way, i am really hoping that Negros Bloggers will really workout and hoping that God will use this avenue to share the gospel and even bless us financially.

    oh well, i am a little bit excited about our plans, may God direct us and give us sufficient wisdom. ^_^

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