Body Scrub Blues

I had been having trouble scrubbing my back because since I became more voluptuous, I could hardly reach my back. I don’t want to call my husband in order to scrub my back because during my bath time, he spends time with our daughter and I don’t want to interrupt that.

But I really want my back scrubbed because I know I have a lot of dead skin cells on this part of my body. The last time it was scrubbed was during by body scrub at Spa Natura and of course, I could not do that very often. Budget wise and time constraint, it is just not reasonable to get my back scrubbed at Spa Natura even just once a week. But maybe with the Swedish Massage, I can do that once a month. hehe I am getting off topic again.

So last night, when we went to SM Department Store, I happened to pass by Watsons and found this sky blue back brush nylon puff that I got for P75.75. I only have the loofah without the handle so it is pretty hard to reach the farthest areas of my back.

When we went home, I was so excited to take a shower and use my new back brush. But when I did, to my dismay, the experience was not what I expected. You see, using this put too much strain on my wrists. I dunno, maybe because I want more pressure on my back that I tried to press the puff much. So in the end, my wrist got tired quickly. And because of lack of pressure, I was not able to scrub my back very well. And since I have a small back, the amount of papaya whitening body wash that I used to lather the puff was enough to wash my entire body. So just imagine using a big scrub with a handle for the rest of my body. I don’t want to waste the soap you know.

Anyway, I think I will just have to get my husband to scrub my back. After all, it will not be always. Sigh…I think I just wasted money on something that I thought could solve my simple problem. buhuhu

Well, at least we got to enjoy the Friday night lights. Would have wanted to be at the movie premier of “Atlas Shrugged”, based on the novel by Ayn Rand. Oh well.

4 thoughts on “Body Scrub Blues

  1. before i have that back brush in our bathroom, sad to say i do not use it anymore, aside from the fact that it’s not that easy to use, it is hard to maintain it too, if you will not wash it properly, i observe that molds are hiding inside it eeeww! i threw it already, i had learned a style on how to reach and scrub my back without the aid of that brush anyway hihi

  2. I highly recommend that you get your hubby to scrub your back. Ain’t that romantic? :). You could do something else while he scrubs your back…like have an intellectual conversation -what were you thinking?! 😉

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