Breakfast in Bed

Dennis likes having breakfast in the bedroom. Actually, food is all ready in the dining room when we go out, but sometimes, I would put them all together with his coffee and bring inside the room. Then we would eat together on the bed while Dindin is still asleep.

I think that it is not really the breakfast in bed that he likes but the fact that I prepared a meal for him. Dennis is not demanding and does not complain. That’s why I like doing this for him. Actually, I was not able to do this for him when I got so busy with my regular online job that I did at home. I became a the assistant of a virtual assistant and while it was okay at first, eventually it became too taxing that Dindin became a nuisance and my wifely duties an impediment.

When that happened, I resigned. I felt like I was depriving my family with the best of myself because I was always busy.

Anyway, after I did, Dennis and I got to talk and I forgot how he brought it up. But he said that one of the things that he missed while I was busy was that I no longer prepared breakfast for him nor did I have time for snuggling.

I felt bad doing that to him. And all this time, he never complained.

I’m sorry Babe…

And today, I made breakfast for him again. And he was happy. 😀

4 thoughts on “Breakfast in Bed

  1. one reason why i see to it that i limit my time infront of the computer, i schedule my post in my blogs only twice a week. i start sitting infront of my laptop at 11am then at 4pm i need to turn off the pc. i manage to blog, do house chores and personally attend to my family needs like cooking, tutoring my youngest son, preparing their baon etc. At first, i find it hard, but i only said to myself that i need to prioritize what really matters to me and that is My Family 🙂

    1. thanks ate joy, sa advice and sa visit. actually, yan talaga gusto ko. pero last time, na tambak ang trabaho and i did not notice that i was already taking my family for granted na. tsk tsk

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