Budget Room Decor

Actually this is not a separate bedroom–this is our bedroom that we are trying to transform into a baby-friendly zone. hehe I have actually added other things and I will just share pictures after I have taken them.

These are the first decorations I did. Below is one wall, and I bought rubber slice (that is what they call the material at the store) and just cut out an outdoor/garden scene., complete with tiny animals.

Then we assigned baby’s cabinet already. And since we don’t have a name yet, we just named it baby.

This room is my hubby’s former room that he shared with his brother, hence the blue motif of the room. Anyway, we don’t have a budget for repainting–so blue it is, whether our baby is a boy or girl.

This is it for now. I will have more photos soon. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Budget Room Decor

  1. sooo cute!

    all i did when EJ came was the red,black and white boards for his learning & the simba painting of my papa… considering we were just borrowing Alvin's room, hihi…

  2. hehe well i just wanted the room to look more interesting for baby. especially that the wall paper is old and peeling already. hehe had to cover. also got some glow in the dark toys at p29 per two packs, so i put them up too. 🙂

  3. sadyahan ko… someday when we have our own place i’ll probably ask you to decorate it :o) fwede? hihi

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