Buying in Big Packs at the Supermarket vs. Retail Buying

Do you buy big packs at the grocery or small items on retail at the sari-sari store?

Many Filipinos buy grocery items in small packs at the sari-sari store. They think that they get to save with it because they are buying only what they can afford. But in reality, you waste money in buying small packs because the bigger packs are actually cheaper when you compute it. Yes, you shell out a big amount at one time but if you compute the number of small packs to make up the big pack, you will find out that the former may cost more than double.

Pantene Shampoo with a big bottle of free conditioner.

Additionally, if you buy big packs like the Pantene Shampoo above, there are freebies. I got the matching conditioner for free, which I would otherwise buy for about P100+. So that is really big savings. There are lots more like this at the supermarket so you will have to check the bundling items at the supermarket’s special section. Sometimes, it is more of the extra products. Sometimes, you get premium items, depending on their current promotion. You cannot get this at the sari-sari store because if there is a freebie, of course, it would be the sari-sari store owner who will benefit from it.

A word of caution though. Just be careful that you don’t get carried away with buying stuff just because they come in bundles or they have freebies, even if you do not normally use them at home. Otherwise, you will be buying stuff for the freebies and not really because you need them. So instead of saving, you will waste money again.

So the next time you go to the grocery, get the big packs for the things that you always use so that you will save money.

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