Camp Happenings

I just want to share some pictures of our activities during our youth summer camp.

Here is my husband during one of his talks to the young people, which was entitled, Today Matters. Just between you and me, I feel so proud whenever he speaks in front. I am like saying, “Hey, guys, that is my husband up there in front.” 🙂

Well, this is our first anniversary photo, taken on May 27, 2008. I know it is not much because we are not really prepared for this. We slept late the night before and woke up early that morning. And we were sort of harassed (remember we fell off the road?) because of all the happenings.

Anyway, this is the best shot that we could manage. We were on the roof deck preparing for the message that we were to speak two days later, entitled “Burger Relationship.” We were praying and preparing for our topic so that the young people will truly be blessed and learn from our experiences.

Just a photo op for a few minutes by the poolside while we fetched the boys who went swimming up here. This was quite an uphill climb from the campsite that is why we had to take the church car with us.
Well, that is about it. We hope to have a nice pictorial next time. And I hope it will be soon. hehe

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