Can Vivo V7 Replace Our Mirrorless Camera?

Vivo V7 Philippines

Vivo V7, the newest Vivo phone in the mid-range category, is finally here in the Philippines! The Vivo V7 plus, the more beefed up model of the Vivo V7 family, was already launched ahead of the Vivo V7 last September. Meanwhile, the Vivo V7 was launched only last week, November 18, 2017 here in Bacolod City.

launch of Vivo V7 Philippines
BoyBand PH during the launch of Vivo V7 at SM City Bacolod.


BoyBandPH, one of the endorsers of Vivo V7, came over to Bacolod for the launching of Vivo V7. They entertained their fans who went wild the moment they stepped into stage.

BoyBand PH for Vivo V7
Members of the BoyBand PH during the press presentation for the Vivo V7 launch in the Philippines

The phone was first officially and formally introduced in the Philippines here in the City of Smiles. Vivo decided to launch V7 outside of Metro Manila and here in Bacolod believing that Vivo is well loved by Bacolodnons.

Vivo V7 launch in the Philippines
Fans screaming for BoyBand PH

Cellphone Cam Vs. Mirrorless

I co-author this blog with my wife and we need to take good photos for our articles. While DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras can take more superior pictures than point and shoot cameras or phone cameras, there are a lot of phone cameras nowadays that can somehow compete with them in producing vibrant and crisp photos.

I am not hard-selling the Vivo V7 here. There are events and conditions that DSLR’s can still take way better photos. But honestly, there are times that we almost decided not to buy a replacement to our mirrorless camera.

Vivo V7 launch in the Philippines
This photo of the BoyBand PH dancing is taken by a mirrorless camera.

Our experience

We used to have a mirrorless camera–an Olympus PEN Mini / E-PM1. When our mirrorless camera finally reached its life limit after serving us for more than 3 years, we didn’t have a replacement camera to use for several months. Wifey has been using a trusted Vivo V5S while we were still saving up for our new camera. Impressed with the quality of the photos she has been taking, she almost decided to just use her phone instead and no longer buy a mirrorless camera.

Just almost though, since there are still some features and strengths that a mirrorless camera has that you cannot find in any phone camera.

Vivo V5S

Actually to us, the Vivo V5S can go head to head with so many point and shoot cameras out there. But more than just a camera, Vivo phones can give you a lot more and value for money with its price.

The New Vivo V7

From the perfect selfie, now to clearer selfie, Vivo gives us the V7 with an upgrade of the many features that we loved in the mid-range phone. While we can find pricey phones with better features and specs and also topping benchmarks, the edge of Vivo V7 is its price–it is more affordable to many Filipinos.

Vivo V7 launch in the Philippines
The BoyBand PH takes a groufie with the new Vivo V7.

Well don’t be surprised if your Facebook Newsfeed and whatever social media you browse is suddenly filled with selfies.

The Impressive Vivo Phone

I’ve written about Vivo V5 when it was launched a year ago. I was already impressed when Mr. Mark Cuevas was presenting the features of the phone when he was on stage. I got more impressed when I had hands on experience with it during the launch. This helped convince me and wifey to get her the Vivo V5s when it was time to replace her phone, believing we can never be wrong in choosing it.

Vivo V7 launch in the Philippines
The successful Vivo V7 launch last Saturday at SM City Bacolod.

Vivo V7 Price

The Vivo V7 is now selling for only P14,990 in your favorite cellphone dealers.

Vivo V7 launch in the Philippines
The Vivo V7 price is very affordable. It’s only P14,990 and available under many financing schemes from your favorite mobile phone dealer.

It is our personal experience with the phone for several months that made us a Vivo fan. Now, let its specs convince you, too.

Vivo V7 Specs

  • 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 octa-core processor
  • Adreno 506 GPU
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 5.7-inch HD+ IPS LCD display; 1440×720 resolution, Corning Gorilla Glass 4 – (with a Scratch-resistant glass at the same time because of the slimmer bezels, you get a larger screen while being smaller than a typical 5.5-inch phone.)
  • 32GB of expandable storage (up to 256GB via MicroSD card)
  • 4G, LTE
  • Dual SIM
  • Dedicated MicroSD Card – (Unlike the Vivo V5s, you can utilize 2 sim card slots and still have a slot for an microSD Card to expand the ROM)
  • 16-megapixel rear camera, f/2.0 aperture, LED Flash
  • 24-megapixel front camera, f/2.0 aperture, PDAF, LED Flash
  • WiFi, Bluetooth
  • GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, Gyroscope
  • Fingerprint scanner at the back (placing it at the back allowed the maker to fill up the front with more screen)
  • Android 7.1 Nougat with FunTouch OS 3.2
  • Look to Unlock Feature (This is smarter unlocking by a facial recognition software.)
  • Hi-Fi Audio Chip
  • 3000mAh battery
Vivo V7 launch in the Philippines
Presentation of the Vivo V7 specs.

I am putting a spotlight on the camera of the V7 of all its impressive specs as this is what this article is about. That is if you are not impressed with the specs I’ve listed so far, this camera specs and features might.

Unmatched Front Camera of Vivo V7 Family

Upping the front camera from 20mp to 24mp, Vivo continues to take the lead in giving us the selfie camera with the highest resolution. Now with higher number of pixels, Vivo also upgrades its Face Beauty algorithm, offering crystal clear photos and natural facial enhancement–facial features with better definition, added brightness, while still looking natural and authentic.

Vivo V7 Clearer Selfie
Our group photo using the Vivo V7 Clearer Selfie feature. This room had very low lighting. Photo by Arvin Dimate.

The improved resolution also creates sharper more distinct selfies. On the other hand, trending in taking photos is the bokeh effect where the background gets blurred so that the subject stands out in the picture. You get this effect in the enhanced Portrait Mode of the camera app.

Face Beauty during Video Calls

Usually, Face Beauty enhancement apps work for taking photos only. Vivo’s front cam continue to do magic during video calls. So when wifey goes on a trip for what blogging event, while I don’t really mind however she looks, an enhanced video of her would add some flattering moments during the video call. Selfie Softlight is also usable during video calls.

Groufie Mode

BoyBandPH also loved the groufie mode of the front camera. As a group, they are able to include everybody in the photo plus more space for their fans to join in. This is made possible even though the camera does not have wide angle lens.

How Did They Improve The Rear Camera for the Vivo V7

Wifey tends to complain that her phone’s front camera takes better pictures. I had to explain that is because the front camera does have a higher resolution. She can stop complaining now. Though the V7 has the same resolution specs for its rear camera as the V5s, the company has improved it to take better pictures. She can attest to it after seeing a picture taken using a V7 at a low-lighted event.

PDAF Technology

I wondered how they can improve it even though the resolution is the same as its predecessor? That’s where the PDAF technology and its optimized algorithms come in. With it, you can shoot clearer, brighter, more detailed photos. The rear camera’s 64MP Ultra HD functionality is another key element to the improvement. It makes V7 shoot multiple frames in quick succession, then merges them into one 64MP shot creating astonishingly hi-definitioned detailed images. I believe this is where a tripod would be a trusted partner.

Vivo V7 launch in the Philippines
The launch of Vivo V7 in Bacolod–photo taken by a Vivo V7 back camera. Photo by Arvin Dimate.

Other Key Features I Want To Point Out

  • Phone unlocks in a split of a second when Face Access and Raise to Wake works hand in hand.
  • Multitasking via Smart Split 3.0 by accessing other apps while watching a movie uninterrupted.
  • Game Mode keeps the incoming calls from disrupting your game especially when you are about to make your winning move.
  • Access an app with your business account on one and your personal acct on a second installation of that social media app (WhatsApp, Line, BBM, WeChat, Zalo or Viber) using App Clone.
  • Hi-Fi music for music lovers who wants to drift into a dream state listening to their favorite tune
Vivo V7 launch in the Philippines
The Vivo V7.

My Recommendation

A blogger friend is about ready to get a new phone. And since my wife is a Vivo V5s user, she asked me if Vivo is a good replacement. I gave her two thumbs up for it and my big toes, too, if I was not wearing any shoes. I am hard selling again!

Well no. I have her budget in mind when I recommended this unit, as the Vivo V7 price is only Php14,990. Getting a DSLR or a mirrorless camera, however, is still a better option for her as a blogger. But since she is not really very tech savvy, a phone camera can already be a very reliable tool for her purpose. As she aims to one day become a big shot blogger and earn big with her blogs, she can then get the more premium Vivo phone when she can already afford it. But knowing her, there is a big chance that she will fall in love with a Vivo phone.

Wife’s Experience

I have many times been impressed with a phone looking at its specs and think it is the phone that will meet my need. But many times over, I am only disappointed. My wife loved a popular brand and was hesitant to switch. While it was still her first choice at that time, she took the risk with Vivo. Now, she’s hooked with it! So when it is time for me to get a new phone, I think it will be a Vivo, too.

Vivo Perfect Christmas

I think the launch of the Vivo V7 is very timely for Christmas. So if you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones, then you might want to consider this new phone. This will be greatly appreciated, plus, it wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.


While price is a big factor for us to make the choice, the user experience with a Vivo phone has made us loyal fans. I don’t claim that the Vivo V7 is the best phone ever. In fact, I do dream of owning a premium phone. I am impressed by the durability of one popular brand out there as I also own one of their devices. That model we own is already obsolete. Marks and dents show that it was a bit abused. Yet it is still working fine after 5 years. But then that brand is pricey.

Vivo V7 launch in the Philippines
Vivo V7 units on display during the Philippine launch in Bacolod.

However, I can afford a Vivo, and thankful they made their phones that way. I know that I will feel I got more for the price I paid for with it and my wife can confirm that. This piece is written without that user experience. I hope I am already convincing enough. I will write you a more persuasive review if I can get my hands on the Vivo V7.

So now what do you think? Do you think you get a good deal with this Php14,990 phone? Who will you buy a Vivo V7 for, this Christmas?

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