Cancelled Wedding Plans for Jesse James and Kat Von D

When I first read the headline that Jesse James and Kat Von D called off their engagement, I was like “awwww….that must be awful.” I do not know the couple or what they do but I kinda sympathized that their wedding will not push through.

Anyway, I continued reading the article and learned that Kat is the start of the reality show LA Ink, but it still did not mean anything to me until I finally saw their photo and thought to myself that I guess it is for the best that their marriage did not push through.

PhotobucketPhoto from People

I did not realize that the LA Ink show pertains to body ink or tattoo. hehehe So naive of me.

The couple cited that the reason for their cancelled plans is that they are living too far away from each other and neither could leave what they are currently doing. Oh well. May it is for the better.

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