Captain America: Movie Date Finally Happened

Finally, after a long, long time, Dennis and I had a movie date. And we watched Captain America: The First Avenger on its last week of screening at Robinsons Movie World. For three whole hours including travel time to and from Robinsons, we were together just the two of us.

We were rushing so that we will not be late for the 5:40pm screening. We wanted this slot so that we could come home and feed Dindin in time for dinner. While Dennis parked the car, I went upstairs to purchase the tickers and order food. I have always wanted to go out with Dennis and eat the fast food fare from the food stalls at the third floor of Robinsons and we did! We bought spicy Shawarma sandwich and then the steamed pancit with dumpling toppings. I bought three orders for these because Dindin also likes pancit.

Dennis passed by the supermarket to buy some bottled drinks because they are so much cheaper than if we bought them at the stalls on the third floor.

But even if we all had budget food and drinks, we spent almost P500 for the entire date! LOL Oh well, after all, we do not do this often, so that’s fine. hahaha

I am just thankful that our movie date finally happened. We were not able to watch Thor, Green Lantern, Hulk, and Transformers. Finally, we watched Captain America. Hopefully, we can watch The Avengers next year.



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