Invitation to CENECO Employees: Negros Power Offers Employment Opportunities

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Transition Opportunity for Former CENECO Employees

Negros Electric and Power Corporation (Negros Power) reminds CENECO employees to apply if they wish to continue working in the electric utility distribution sector. This memorandum comes following the recent approval of House Bill 9805 in the Lower House of Congress. The bill will soon be forwarded to the Senate for the Upper House to approve. It was approved on its final reading only last February 21, but it is only a matter of time before CENECO (of CENECO (Central Negros Electric Cooperative) ) will no longer be running the DU (distribution utility) services in Central Negros. This bill grants Negros Power a franchise in Central Negros and facilitates a joint venture between CENECO and Primelectric Holdings, the parent company of Negros Power.

Priority Consideration for Employment

In this transition, CENECO employees hold a special place in Negros Power’s plans. With the transfer of management for the electric distribution service, a new management team will oversee the distribution of electricity, offering enhanced facilities and improved customer service. As part of the joint venture agreement between CENECO and Primelectric Holdings, the parent company of Negros Power, former CENECO staff will receive priority consideration for positions within Negros Power’s workforce. However, Negros power urges interested individuals to formally apply to indicate their intent to join this exciting venture.

Seize the Opportunity: No Automatic Rehiring

Negros Power President Roel Castro highlights the importance of active participation in this transition. He emphasizes the value of leveraging the expertise of former CENECO employees. He believes this will ensure a smooth transition and enhance operational efficiency. While there is no automatic rehiring provision in the agreement, Castro sincerely encourages employees to apply. The new DU will give priority to qualified CENECO employees for available positions.

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“Sana they will consider na magtrabaho pa sa bagong distribution utility company, sayang ang skills and familiarity nila. I encourage them na mag-apply sa Negros Power para maconsider sila sa hiring,” Negros Power President Roel Castro clarified.

Urgency and Preparation

The clock is ticking, and Negros Power recognizes the urgency of preparing the workforce for the imminent challenges and opportunities. With over 200 applications already submitted, the hiring process is in full swing. Castro has directed the Human Resource Department Manager to expedite proceedings, underscoring the company’s dedication to a swift and efficient transition.

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership for Negros Power and CENECO Employees

Primelectric Holdings, through Negros Power, will acquire CENECO’s distribution assets, marking a significant development in Central Negros. To ensure a seamless financial transition for both entities, Negros Power will pay for 70% of the said assets in cash and the rest of the 30% in shares. These funds will enable CENECO mainly to settle debts, and refund consumer bill deposits. But at the same time fulfill separation obligations outlined in the collective bargaining agreement.


Embracing the Future with Negros Power

Negros Power’s vision extends beyond mere acquisition; it aspires to revolutionize the electric distribution landscape in Bacolod City. Aside from the capital, Negros Power will be serving 3 other cities, namely, Bago, Silay, and Talisay. Their services also extend to the municipalities of Murcia and Don Salvador Benedicto. Upon approval of the franchise, and the Energy Regulatory Commission grants the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, Negros Power will embark on its mission to provide reliable and efficient electricity services to the region.

It can be recalled that MORE Power, the sister company of Negros Power, provided a tour of their facilities and offices to some CENECO personnel. The CENECO employees also had the opportunity to observe the excellent service and operation of MORE Power. They were impressed with MORE Power. They are excited about the prospect of similar modernization being brought to Bacolod City and Central Negros. While this is only speculative, they are likely to seize the opportunity to work for Negros Power. More likely, they want to become part of the company that will revolutionize power distribution in the cities they used to serve.

Seize the Moment: Join Negros Power’s Transition, CENECO Employees

Former CENECO employees, this is your moment to shape the future. Embrace this opportunity with Negros Power where your skills and experience will be valued and utilized to propel Central Negros towards a brighter tomorrow. Submit your application today and be part of this historic transition. Together, let’s power progress and prosperity in Central Negros.

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