Cha-Ching and Spending for What You Need

In the financial education video entitled Cha-Ching produced by the insurance company PruLife UK encouraging people to save, the characters there needed a new speaker and some other equipment.  These things are a need because they are a band and people no longer like their playing because of a busted speaker. They are no longer producing great music.

Cha-ching is a series of videos for kids produced by PruLife UK that aims to educate children about money in a fun way.

Because of that instance of need, they learned many things, such as thinking about things you need as opposed to want, that some things can wait before you spend on them, that you need to save in order to buy some things, and just setting aside wants in order to have some extra money when the real need arises.

The Cha-ching characters, from left: Justin the entrepreneur, Pepper the spender, Prudence the prudent once, Zul the hard worker, Bobby who always goes broke, and Charity who loves to share. These people represent the different kinds of people based on their spending habits and capacity to make money. Photo from the internet.

Whenever I am tempted to buy new things, I play the video and I am convinced of the many things that I don’t need. Like the other night, I saw a really nice bag with matching wallet at the mall. Last time that I was looking for a bag, I couldn’t find something nice. Now, that I found one with matching wallet, I don’t have the budget for it anymore and we have decided to buy only things that we need because we are short on cash and we need to pay some debts. So it is really frustrating. My heart really wants to buy it but I know in my mind that I cannot afford it. Or at least, not right now. Talk about a case of bad timing.

So in order not to be tempted to buy it, I watched Cha-Ching (again). I need some convincing that the new bag with wallet the is not a need, therefore, I don’t have to buy it now. haha Because really, it isn’t. I just want it. Just hoping that maybe eventually, I can a have one, much better than what I recently saw.

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