Early Valentine’s

Tonight, as a Valentine activity of Trinity Church, married couples were invited to the premiere screening of the Christian produced movie “Fireproof”. It is an inspirational story about protecting our marriages from the fiery situations out there that are going to test our relationships.

Anyway, it will be shown at O Hotel and we are very happy because coincidentally, we have a gift certificate for an overnight stay there.

So now, as I am writing this, my husband and I are already here. We checked in around 2:30pm and we ordered seafood pizza for room service around 4:30pm. Later, we will have late snacks while the movie premiere will go on and it is sponsored by the church.

My husband and I are just here inside the room, watching TV, surfing the net, just resting and being together. We just enjoy being together. This morning we were also together, doing some stuff like following up papers at the Social Security, getting my health insurance reimbursement after my hospitalization, etc. Despite these seemingly mundane activities, we are happy that we could just be together. That is point of marriage right? Living in harmony.

I think that whatever it is that you are doing, as long as you are together and enjoying it, that is already a blast. After I will post this, I will just go back to the bed and snuggle up to him while watching TV. There is not really much we can do as my very pregnant tummy is ready to pop. This will probably be our last date, or at least, just the two of us, while we have an empty nest. Next month, I am due and our baby princess will be joining us already to complete our family.

So for now, I just wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day wherever you are and whatever you are going to do.

5 thoughts on “Early Valentine’s

  1. We will be having a Couple’s Fellowship this coming Sunday at 6pm and we are going to have a film showing on Fireproof. When I viewed the trailer, it has gotten me excited. I know deep inside that I need to watch this together with my husband.

    By the way, it’s sweet for your hubby to treat you like that for Valentines. You are indeed very blessed.

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