Choose Natural Hair Products

Why choose natural hair products

Glam up to a younger looking you with a head full of hair. But use only natural hair products for beauty and wellness inside and out.

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Gary Valenciano recommends choosing natural hair products.

The hair draws attention to a person. According to studies, a head full of hair indicates youth and health at its best. Power and stability, on the other hand, corresponds to a long, shiny tress. Meanwhile, a bouncy bob means bubbly personality. And curly locks add to masculinity and femininity.

What if you don’t have hair like the ones pictured above? Well, don’t lose hope if you don’t have any or if your hairline is thinning.

All you need is love. And what a better way to love your hair than with natural products. Taking good care of it should not be enforced, but rather a rewarding pamper for yourself. This applies, too, when choosing the right product for your mane.

Say to No Chemicals

Stay away from chemical-based ones. This is a “must”, especially when dealing with problems like shedding or thinning of the hair. Most of which contain parabens as preservative, according to aesthetics and rejuvenation expert Dr. Cecilia Catapang.

“Through the years, as you use chemical-based product, slowly and little by little, your body absorbs the parabens, which accumulate to significant levels, enough to induce what is called an estrogen sensitive breast cancer,” she says.

Why Choose Novuhair

Synthetic haircare products have several adverse effects because they are drugs. They can hurt you. So avoid them the next time you go over the counter for your supplies. Instead, stop what you are using today for naturally-made products because they aid in stimulating hair growth while maintaining its natural water, shine and vibrancy.

There are so many chemical-free hair solutions out there, but Dr. Catapang recommends NOVUHAIR for its being natural and compliant to the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive. It means that NOVUHAIR does not contain paraben.

In addition of its safety benefits, this topical scalp lotion specifically is the only natural hair growth product in the market containing 19 natural herbs, essential oils and co-factor nutrients working synergistically to help remedy hair problems from growth to vanishing.

NOVUHAIR helps rejuvenate, nourish, as well as maintain moisture in the scalp. This leads to the improvement of the overall appearance of the hair. Lastly, it’s more effective and a really safe solution to help remedy hair loss and promote hair growth.

Make the Wise Choice

Sounds like it’s time to shift to “nature’s answer to hair loss”, ladies and gentlemen. Start loving your hair with NOVUHAIR to enhance or bring back the old “crowning glory” in order to look your best.

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