Christmas on a Budget

This year we are on a tight budget because of things that I have already told you about. We have decided to buy gifts only for the kids of friends (and we have already done so) who are our godchildren or the children of good friends. We just think that kids would not understand but would be happy even if to receive only a simply Christmas gift.

So anyway, for our families we thought of buying Christmas cards and writing personal notes on them. That way, it would convey the message in our hearts. And we would really be honest about them about how hard this year had been for us and so there are no material gifts to speak of our love.

I am already looking around but I still could not find anything that I can afford or that something that he can really use. We just do not have a budget right now. So with that, we will just have to give personal messages to our dear family and friends that we are just hard up. And we are praying that they will understand. After all, it is not about material gifts. It is the presence of everybody.

It is not that we don’t want to give, in fact we love shopping for gifts and giving gifts. We are just looking forward to a better year next year.

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