Clean Up Your Bedroom Cabinet By Discarding Old Clothes

Many of us are faced with this dilemma–we have no more closet space. It seems that no matter how big the closet is, there is no more room. Your stuff is spilling out and can be found on all available surfaces. Most of all, you can’t find what you need.

And no matter how you try to organize it by buying a cabinet organizer or two, it seems that you can’t seem to sort everything out.

Wouldn’t you like a closet as organized as this? Photo from

Well the problem here is no longer organization. This means only one thing–you have so much stuff already! And there is only one thing to do–DISCARD OLD CLOTHES!

We all have clothes that are tucked in our closet that we are saving or we have totally forgotten. Sometimes, we tell ourselves that someday we will lose weight and wear it again. Or sometimes, you just can’t let go. But you have to.

Here’s what you can do with the clothes:

1. Donate. So many people need even used clothes–the homeless, those in the shelter, those who lost their homes in a fire or a typhoon, or those people with lots of children but are not financially able to live comfortably. You can give your stuff directly to a family or you can channel them to organizations.

2. Sell. You can sell some of your good quality stuff online to your friends who might need them or you can post them on ebay. Or you may want to hold a rummage sale in your neighborhood so that you can display your stuff on racks and the people in your community can come over and check what you have. You can have some money back from your old stuff this way.

3. Alter. You may not need to sell or give away some of your stuff. You may actually save and use them if you choose to alter them. Some may not fit you well so some nip or tuck or maybe some loosening might do the trick. Or you may try to add some embellishments to an old plain blouse to make it look newer and of course, different, that what it was. So you get a new outfit.

When you unload at least 30% of your closet, you will find that you will have space to go around and organize what is left. You cannot organize if you don’t have space. So first, LET IT GO! Good luck! 😀

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