Coffee Drawings

Yesterday we bid adieu to a good friend and godfather of our daughter. He is working as a nurse in Singapore and he is here on vacation. We had lunch at Andok’s and then proceeded to Bob’s Cafe to have coffee and further our chit chat.

At Bob’s Cafe, I noticed that there were several paintings hanging on the wall on one side of the restaurant. I learned that there was an art exhibit going on. It was entitled Juan Series and is all about the Pinoy lifestyle. There were paintings about barangays, mothers, and all other scenes about the Philippines. The artist was Pie Saturnino. What I noticed about the paintings was that they were all on sepia.

Upon closer inspection, I learned that the medium used was actually coffee! Yup! Those were Coffee Paintings or coffee drawings! And it was really apt that she held her one-woman art exhibit at the Bob’s Cafe. Sorry, I don’t have photos because I was taking care of our baby. She was walking around and I was worried about the one step down behind our chair.

I like going to Bob’s Cafe. Their coffee is reasonable and it provides a good ambiance for a nice talk. And they had the place renovated. We had frozen brazo de mercedes. It was pretty good, but I think it was too dear at P160. I have a picture of this but I will just upload it next time. And I appreciate the fact that their automatic espresso coffee machine is not noisy, unlike at Bo’s Cafe before.

I really like Bob’s Cafe. Too bad I don’t get to go there as often because I don’t have a baby sitter to leave my little one behind. But I do appreciate going out from time to time just to unwind and clear my head.

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