We, people have a lot of daily concerns. And the daily grind sometimes get to us. Each one would be unique or the same as what others experience, but the intensity may be different.

Today, I woke up with a groggy disposition because I battled with tough migraine yesterday. It was so bad. It started before lunch and I tried to sleep after lunch. When I woke up in the afternoon, I could hardly lift my head. I was nauseated and almost vomited. I asked for Ponstan 500 (Mefenamic Acid) but it was not available so I took two capsules of 250mg each. Then I slept again. I woke up several times after that because my daughter is also in the room and kept bawling, which contributed to the throbbing pain in my head.

She slept around 6pm and I also lied down with her. At around 8pm, I took two more Ponstan capsules and I slept again. I woke up around 10pm and I felt much better but there are still remnants of the headache.

This morning I got so irate over my daughter who just wants to fuss and fuss with no apparent reason. And her crying is already getting to my nerves! During these times, I just want to lie down and sleep. But I couldn’t. I am very busy trying to finish chores before we make our trip soon. I am panicking for this vacation. I need to lie down and relax.

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