Date at Sylvia Manor

Dennis and I like spending some time alone, like having a date.

Sometimes, we watch a movie in the theater.

Or sometimes a movie at my papa in law’s room whenever he is not around. We get a DVD from his collection and pop it in the player. We always have a bowl of popcorn at hand. Popcorn always makes the movie experience better. LOL

Or sometimes we just sit on the balcony where the laundry is being done at our home because there it is windy. Although it is not a sophisticated place, it is a cool area to unwind after a long day. And there is just something comforting looking at the dark night sky.

Or sometimes we take a walk at the Capitol Lagoon or just sit down among the benches and watch the joggers go by.

Or we drive around and look at the sights of the city. Then we would buy ice cream, stop in one spot and enjoy our cold dessert.

Or we get a dessert at McDonalds and sit there for hours on end.

Or we just roam around the mall and pick some cheap stuff for our coming baby.

Just as long as we are together we are already happy.

But one time, we were blessed with gift certificates from Sylvia Manor. Dennis and I had a sit-down dinner there. These are rare moments because it can be expensive. I think I was 4.5 months pregnant here. These are some of the things we had for dinner there–fish and herbs and our favorite gambas. We both love Gambas! Yummy!!!


8 thoughts on “Date at Sylvia Manor

  1. wow!!! perfect fit =) hihi… looks good on u!
    even after the baby comes out, make sure u still have those dates ok?

  2. Hi, its so nice to hear that you are still dating. That’s healthy.
    Anyway, I’m glad that you like my post “Cheer Up”, and yes, you can copy that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. meili–yeah, maybe when the baby is a little bigger na. hehe

    grace, thanks! will post it soon! take care! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. by the way, meili, i will post some more photos, maybe tomorrow. we attended a bday party and i wore one of your dresses again. lol

  5. i think it is important for the couple to continue these date nights. even if they have kids in all stages.

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