Date Night Abortion

Tonight, Dennis and I decided to an hour of “couple’s time” at the cafe behind our house, Kuppa. We fed Dindin, gave her a bottle, and washed her. Then we left her to the care of the maid. Her grandma and aunt were also around.

About 10 minutes later, Dennis asked how Dindin was and we were informed that she wouldn’t stop crying and they were already at the garage trying to soothe her. But to no avail. I told Dennis to get her and bring her to Kuppa after all, they were just two doors away.

But Dennis took quite some time to come back. Then I learned that Dindin actually threw up because she had been crying for a long time now and the phlegm gagged her.

Sigh…Dennis had to wash her and change her clothes and bring her to Kuppa. We are trying to teach her that there are just some instances that we have to leave her at home. Okay, so next time again. Maybe we will try this little by little.

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