Decals: A New Family Business

We have a new business and that is in the printing of stickers. It is actually an augmentation to our existing sticker cut out business. These are for outdoor purposes, however, many have also used our products and creations for indoor uses.

But this new machine, it has allowed us to make advertising banners for local business. Mostly used indoors, our banners are well accepted because of its high quality printing and of course, artistic designs.

I do most of the layouts of advertising banners because I have a background and experience in advertising. So anyway, I am pretty much tied up now in the store now, doing marketing, sales, layout and design, and also billing. But it is also enjoyable and fulfilling because I am really into this printing stuff.

I also like the fact that I can better express my creativity because we are the ones doing the printing. And since my husband is the operator, he is really OC when it comes to quality control. So this is a family run business and we really enjoy doing it. We are busy but we are happy. So if you need advertising banners for whatever purposes, do come to us for design and printing.

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