Different Kinds of Psychic Abilities

Many Different Psychic Abilities

Many mediums have different psychic abilities. They can range from receiving visions to hearing audio from the other side. It is true that not all psychics are created equal. You should know the differences before booking a psychic reading.

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Clairvoyant is from two French words meaning “clear” and “vision.” These psychics are able to see things through visual impressions and visions. Some of the signs may be subtle and not have an immediate meaning. Clairvoyants often see symbols, colors, and signs. They receive their information from other means not related to the five senses. Clairvoyance is also called a psychic vision, psychic eye, or third eye.


Clairsentients are also called psychic empaths. They can detect subtle changes in the energy of an area. Clairsentients can pick up on non-visual and non-verbal cues from another human being. These psychics can also detect auras or energy fields around a person. They often have a “gut feeling” that another person is feeling joy, anger, or sadness. Clairsentience is also known as intuitive empathy or spiritual empathy.


Clairaudience is also called “clear hearing.” Many of these psychics can hear voices in their own mind. They can pick up audio from people who have passed away or from spirit guides. These psychics can communicate with other dimensional entities as well. This ability is also called psychic hearing.


Claircognizants have the ability to know information without being told by another person. This psychic ability is also known as “clear knowing.” These psychics consider this to be their inner knowledge. Claircognizants often use spirit guides to help find out information about a person or place. Many of these psychics have a strong sense of knowledge that travels beyond any logic. These psychics receive the information into their thinking mind and not the mind’s eye. Claircognizants are also known as spiritual psychics.Now that you know the difference in psychic abilities, you can find someone to give you a reading. If you are looking for a psychic love reading , there are plenty of mediums in your area. These psychics are waiting to answer any questions that you may have about life and love.

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