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I just wanted to announce that I have finally started a new blog, upon the recommendation of friends. It will be about my parenting journey, from the time of conception and my child’s milestones. Dindin will be 11 months old on February 11 already, but I will just ante-date the posts because I have incorporated her development in my marriage blog.
I think that she already has a lot of milestones that could not be contained in this blog that was supposed to be about my marriage only. And yeah, there should be parenting, but it is not just about it. So I have started a new blog called, Lovingly Mama.

Hopefully, this will not just be about Dindin but will also be about the child that we are still praying for. Yep, we are planning to have a second child and if God permits, hopefully, before the end of this year. When the right time comes. Or when God allows it. For now I am still filling up the posts about Dindin.

That is why I called it Lovingly Mama instead of just a blog about Dindin because this blog will contain my life stories as being a Mama. Read on.

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