Dindin’s Education

We really value our daughter’s education. It is one of the legacy’s that my husband and I can leave to her. Her Papa and I had both been college graduates and we would also like Dindin to finish at least a college degree.

But aside from just the degree, we would like to instill in her a desire to learn. And we are happy that she is indeed learning new things everyday.

For her early education, we have decided to home school her. There are many plans until when she will be home schooled, so only time can tell. Aside from the other major benefits, one of the things about home school is that you get to save some money. And the money can be used for our educational experiences outside of the classroom.

But as for college, Dindin will have to study in a university or college. Even if the big school is in our locality, college education would entail a lot of expense. So I really hope that Dindin would be able to get easy scholarships. When I was in college, I was a full scholar so at least, my parents only had to take care of everyday expenses as well as uniforms and projects. But that was a big help to my family in terms of financial. Well, let us hope and pray for the best for Dindin.

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