Dindin’s Milestones

DINDIN prefers Manny over Sid (Ice Age Toys from McDonald’s Happy Meal. hehe)

Forgive me, dear readers, for writing so much about Dindin. It is just that she is growing so fast that everyday, we are just amazed at the new things she is learning and doing. I just have to write them down, otherwise, they would just be forgotten and we will realize that she is already 1 year old.

I can only remember SOME things during her early days and weeks.

By Day 10, she can sleep overnight, much like an adult.

By 1 month, she can see people and smiles to the ones she most recognize, namely, her papa and mama. hehe She wants to talk, but nothing comes out of her mouth yet.

By 1 month and half, she coos and is already very playful. She follows me with her eyes when I go around the room.

By two months, she already knows that when I go inside the bathroom, I will still come out. So she keeps on looking at the door until I finally emerge after washing her face towel. She got tired with her red, black and white mobile already and began fancying her red and yellow windmill. I think that after red, black, and white, she saw the color yellow first among the other colors.

By 2 months and a half, she smiles and mumbles.

By 3 months, she says “Ma” when crying and has determined that I, her Mama, am her primary caregiver. She sings with us when we sing “Endless Love.” But she cries when her Lolo sings the same song to her. She already knows how to feel bad to us, like when we leave her at home and we go somewhere. She will not talk to us when we get back.

By 3 months and a half, she already calls out “Mama” when crying. She answers to simple questions and sentences. We sometimes catch her saying, “Yeah”, “Indi!”, “Law-ay!”, and “Yaya!” (pretending, of course, that she has a yaya when she is already exasperated with Mama). When I lull her to sleep, she sings with me. From fist suck, she has finally found her thumb and has extreme pleasure sucking it. So even if we wrap her hand, her little thumb would still find its way into her mouth. Even when she is holding and nibbling on her teether, little do we know that her thumb is also inserted in her mouth. She knows how to cover up her act. Smart.

By 3 months and 3 weeks (Juy 1), she can already roll over on her stomach. But she still finds her arm getting stuck under her belly. But with much practice, by July 3, she is already able to completely roll over without glitches in a wink (literally). She is so nimble!

By four months, from a lying position, she can roll over on her stomach and back again. She has done it so many times already. She already says “Mama” and “Papa” at times, even when she is not crying. She attentively reads a book with me. She darts across the bed very fast, although she cannot crawl yet.

By 4 months and 1 week (July 18, 2009), she plays peek-a-boo with us. Lying on her stomach, she would hide her face and lift it and wait for us to say “Peek-a-Boo!” Then she would smile. She can already laugh, and she does that when we say “Papa, Mama, and Dindin”. She grumbled when I asked her what if we have another baby sister or baby brother?

She also knows how to feel bad to us. Everytime we go out, we have to tell her and when we get back, we have to explain where we went and what we did. Last Friday, July 17, we went out to go to the printer and left her with A-ma. I think we were gone for an hour. I left her with a bib and a full bottle. When we got back, we learned that somebody stashed her bottle way behind the store’s counter and A-ma did not know that she had milk. She fell asleep nibling on her hand. When I got her, she woke up. She would not smile or talk or even face me. I had to take her upstairs and had to explain what happened. I also asked forgiveness, several times. Finally, after about 15 minutes, she looked at me and said, “hay…” as if saying, “Ok, I forgive you.” Then she went on mumbling, probably telling me that she got hungry.

The July 18, We had dinner for a friend’s birthday and we learned when we got back that she kept on crying and calling out “Ma.” When I went to take her from Ang Kong, she would not look at me. So I carried her and brought her to our room and explained why we could not take her. She listened intently. And so, I promised that the following night, we will bring her to her uncle’s house, she smiled.

July 19, she does not want to sit on my lap anymore while riding in the car. She wants to stand up. At her uncle’s house that night, she wants to go down from my lap and wants to stand on the floor already. She is also responding to our SANDWICH KISS already. When she is on her tummy on the bed, she raises her head to look around. Dennis and I would “sandwich” her face with a long kiss. It was fine with her until she finally realized that she could avoid us. So everytime we would say, “kissan, kissan!” she would duck her head so that we could not kiss her and then she would smile.

For two days now, July 20 and 21, I have been training Dindin to poo in the morning before taking a bath. So I would hold her in squat position to encourage her to poop. And she would. But she couldn’t sit straight on her potty trainer yet, so we will have to contend with holding her first. So at least, before she can sit on her trainer, she is already trained. 😀

Well, I guess that is the most update list for now. I will keep you posted. 😀

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  1. ay abaw! bongga si baby kimy ba! sige i will think about it. para diri will just be about our marriage.:D

  2. wow! I'm happy to read your baby's milestone. I am surprise of her fast development. Did you breastfeeds her?

    I love to read more of your post about Dindin. So This will be my guide to my baby Chloe.

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