Divorce is Expensive–Stay Married

The biggest divorce settlements in sports history

Divorce is costly and tedious because of the papers that you need to accomplish. It is no wonder that divorce attorneys are making a killing handling all these high profile cases.

In the history of sports, there had been many well publicized divorces, the most recent one being the short-lived Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries marriage. But unlike others, Kris will not be getting a single cent from his wife’s wealth, as Kim has more money to her name than Kris.

But for the rest, here are some of the most expensive divorce settlements where the husband is a pro-athlete.

1. Jeff Gordon and Brooke Sealey
Brooke Sealey filed for divorce in 2002, citing “marital misconduct.” Sealey reportedly received $15.3 million from the sale of two residences awarded to her.

2. Lance Armstrong and Kristin Richard
Having three children could not keep this couple together. They filed for divorce in 2003 and Richard got $14 million.

3. Greg Norman and Laura Andrassy
The sad part was that Norman and Andrassy had already been married 25 years when he announced that they were getting a divorce in 2006. Andrassy pocketed $105 million from it.

4. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren
Two years ago, Woods’ downfall began when his extra-marital affairs were published. His supermodel wife immediately filed for divorce and it was reported that Nordegren got $100 million.

5. Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy
The NBA legend had 3 children with Juanita Vanoy and they have been married for many years. But eventually, the relationship drifted and they had a divorce. Vanoy was given $168 million for her divorce settlement.

Whew! See divorce is expensive. That is why it is best to stay married.

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  1. A agree to this ,if you have the money go ahead and pursue a divorce but if you don’t have enough ,money stay to that marriage

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