Do Something Together

A lot of times, when people have been married for quite some time, they can get buried deep into their separate lives. For example, the husband could get busy working for their growing family. The wife, on the other hand, gets so busy with taking care of the kids and the household. And if she has a job, then that is another burden.

In order to avoid reduce the chasm that life situations put on our marriage, we should really find something to do together. In our case, it is watching videos together or going on outings. Dennis can watch videos on his own while I work on the computer, but it is different when we watch a good movie together.

We also like taking Dindin on a picnic or an outing. If we had a motorhome complete with motorhome insurance, we will be out of town every weekend.

You know, it could be anything. It could be a board game, a sport, or a hobby, just as long as you are both happy to do (besides sex), then it will greatly build your marriage.

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