Double Wedding Anniversary Date

Our party at Cafe1925. Lovely place serving good food. 😀

This is a rather delayed post. Hubby and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last May 27, 2013 and we thought it would be nice to have a double date with his cousin Mike and his wife Mia, whose 5th wedding anniversary falls on May 25, 2013. Yeah, we got married one year apart on the same month. Actually, my brother and sister in law also has a May wedding anniversary, but they are not here so they missed this. hehe

But this was also a late celebration because Mike and Mia went to Cebu with other relatives on the exact dates of our anniversaries and so we moved our dinner date on the first week of June. And we had it at Cafe 1925 in Silay City. It is two cities away from Bacolod but since this is Negros, it only means driving straight going north for about 20 minutes and we were already there.

Hubby and I.

We sought the place because Mike and Mia swore to their good food and affordable price. And look at how quaint the place is! We loved it here. I was soooo full that I could burst! hahaha

Hope we can do this again next year. 😀

Mike and Mia. I love the colorful backgrounds of our photos because of the paintings!

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