Dreaming of Traveling the World

I am a traveler by heart. I would like to see the whole world, to visit places near and far. I want to explore the wide world but I know that even if I travel my entire lifetime, I could not really explore everything.

But it is just me.

Sometimes, I also wish not only travel as a tourist but to really immerse in the culture of a place, like let’s say, to stay as a local for three to six months. For example, I have pretty much assimilated in the culture of Singapore because I stayed there and lived like a local for three months. I also stayed three months in the United States, but it was pretty much like a tourist because I had been to five states during my stay there and had lived in more than 10 houses there.

If given the chance, I would be traveling abroad twice a year. I would finish all the destinations here in Asia and then venture in Europe. But the problem with a European tour is that their pound has a very high exchange rate to the Philippine peso. It is not like the Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rate because the disparity is not that big. Oh how I wish that our money has a 1:1 rate against the currencies of the Western countries because it would be easier for us to travel! That is why people from other countries can just easily travel to our country because their money has greater value here. buhuhu

Well that is my only problem. Otherwise, if God wills it, I know that He will grant us that European trip that I desire. He has already sent me to the United States. It will not be impossible for Him to send my family to Europe.

By the way, today is my parent’s anniversary. Thirty six years of marriage and more to go. May the good Lord shower you with more loving and fruitful years to come. God bless you and we love you, Nanay and Tatay!

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