Dreaming of World Travel

I like to travel. I would like to see the world.

So far, I have traveled around the Philippines and I have been to several places in Asia as well as in several states in North America. But I would like to visit Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of Europe in the future. If I have the money, I would be backpacking and globe trotting. I love taking photos, sampling local cuisine, and indulging in the local lifestyle.

As for living, aside from where I am right now, the other place where I like to live and work is Singapore. I can be a media person there because it is safe. Or I can also be a Personal Injury Lawyer Keizer and prove my worth as a personal injury lawyer. I can be one of the trusted legal counsels in the realm of injury cases. Well these are just dreams and it is completely free so why not?

For now, I am happy as a stay at home who works online and accept offline jobs to do design, layout, and writing jobs. I enjoy doing tarpaulin layouts for birthdays and other events. While doing tarpaulin layouts pay very little, I feel gratified doing so. hihi I think that being happy with what you’re doing is important. But it won’t hurt if I earn a little more. hihi

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