Dressing Up for a Special Occasion

My new outfit–a ruffled georgette blouse with electric pleats and slim black pants.

I was tasked to delivered a speech in behalf of a client at La Salle Victorias and an excitedly dressed up and prepared for the occasion. I was so happy with my outfit and how I applied my make up that I asked my husband to take my photo in the garden. I don’t normally have my photo taken since I got overweight but I was happy so I had to ask Dennis.

He tried several angles but I was not satisfied with the photos. I told him that I guess I am already just too heavy for my frame that no matter what angle, I still look fat. And needless to say, I already need plus size dress like the clothes I was wearing. I just think that the ensemble would look nice if I weren’t so fat.

Sigh…anyway, while I don’t have a problem with being fat because it does not really affect my self esteem, it does affect my wardrobe. waaaaaaa And that pains me because I can no longer fit into my old clothes. It also pains my pocket because I have to buy new clothes for special occasions like this one. Buhuhuhu

I can just be thankful that my husband is not demanding or critical with the way I look. He is just loving and encouraging and does not make me feel bad. But this figure needs some working out, really.

My speaking engagement–delivering an inspirational message at La Salle College Victorias

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